Save Money With a Cash Back Special Offer

Melbourne’s winter has already begun and we want to save you money on heating bills and a new split system heater. Mitsubishis 2023 Winter Gift Card Campaign offers cashback bonuses for eligible split system units. Don’t miss out on this limited-time offer to get a cashback bonus for purchasing an eligible split system unit. The promotion ends on the 31st of July and our bookings are filling up fast. If you leave it too late, we won’t be able to fit you in before the promotion deadline.

Save $$$ and Stay Toasty Warm

A split system unit is more energy-efficient and cost-effective than traditional gas heaters. With the rising cost of gas, using a split system unit as a heater during winter will save you $$$ on your bills. Electricity is cheaper than gas and Mitsubishi split systems are proven to be energy efficient meaning they take less power to run again saving you $$$!

Don’t Let the Cold Get You Down

Our prices include installation, and the cashback offer can be used for up to 3 units, so if you install an 8KW unit in your lounge area and 2-bedroom 2.5 KW units you can get $400 cashback saving you $$$.

How Much Will It Cost?

Don’t miss this limited-time opportunity to get cashback on a new split system! The following are the eligible split systems units; remember we supply and install them at this price.

Mitsubishi Electric

Price before cashback $2000. After cashback $1900 ($100 cashback)


Price before cashback $2200. After $2100 ($100 cashback)

Price before cashback $2600. After $2500 ($100 cashback)

Price before cashback $3000 after $2850 ($150 cashback)

Price before cashback $3500. After $3300 ($200 cashback)

Price before cashback $4100. After $3900 ($200 cashback)


Mitsubishi Electric Signature Series

2.5 KW $2350.00 after cash back $2250 ($100 cashback)
3.5 KW $2550 after cashback $2450 ($100 cashback)
5 KW $3000 after cashback $2900 ($100 cashback)

Book Now Before We Book Out!

Take advantage of the Winter Gift Card Campaign and enjoy cashback rewards while keeping warm for less in winter. Not to mention a split system keeps you cool in summer so it’s one appliance working for you in both seasons!

We can handle the entire process, from purchasing and installing the unit to helping with claim submissions.
Our experienced team will guide you in selecting the right-sized system for your space, ensuring optimal efficiency and savings. Call us now!